Special Event / Malta Tourism Show
Vitori / Cirque du Soleil
20 Shows over a period of 1 Month

VITORI mobilizes a cast of characters inspired by the pieces in the game of chess, the ultimate game of logic and rational thinking.

Brimming with talent and torque, two teams go head to head on a huge chessboard, ready to wage a battle to the end. But when the golden King falls in love with the black Rook, he puts everything in the balance to get closer to his beloved, leaving his unsuspecting subjects in total disarray.
Head of Creation / Daniel Fortin / Vice-President Creation / CDS
Executive Creative Direction / Patricia Tremblay
Creative Direction / Julie Castonguay
Show Direction / Geneviève Dorion Coupal
Acrobatic Performance Direction : Ben Potvin
Set Design / Mikki Kunttu
Lighting Design / Mikki Kunttu

Executive Producer / Yasmine Khalil
Production / Cirque Du Soleil Events & Experiences

Photos Credits / Mikki Kunttu / Malta Shows / Luke Dyson