Special Event / Custom Show
Reflekt / Cirque du Soleill / Astana 2017 World Expo / Kazakhstan
70 Shows over a period of 4 Months

A show that celebrates culture and innovation, REFLEKT by Cirque du Soleil is a high-energy acrobatic experience exclusively designed for Expo 2017 Astana. A world where modernity and history collide, it's a performance inspired by the Expo’s theme, Future Energy, and the rich culture of Kazakhstan.
Head of Creation / Daniel Fortin / Vice-President Creation
Executive Creative Direction / Daniel Fortin
Creative Direction / Fernand Rainville
Show Direction / Fernand Rainville
Assistant Show Direction / Sonya St-Martin
Acrobatic Performance Direction / Sonya St-Martin
General Stage Manager / Sonya St-Martin
Acrobatic Choreography / Lydia Bouchard
Composer / Simon Carpentier
Set Design / Geneviève Lizotte
Lighting Design / Nico Brion
Costumes / James Lavoie
Video Content / Adam Hummel / Shadi Assadi

Executive Producer / Yasmine Khalil
Producer / Patrice Poulin
Production Manager / Yannick Bocquet
Technical Director / Eric Galant
Production / Cirque Du Soleil Events & Experiences

Photos / Yevgeniya Gorobets