Special Event / Museum Bal
MAC Bal / Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal / Cirque Du Soleil

Based on George Orwell’s 1984, dive into a dystopian universe that paints a frightening and bleak future under Big Brother - a regime that totally controls its citizens. BAL DU MAC 2017 explores the obliteration of truth, individuality and liberty in a world where power seeks to control everything. This project explored the strong similarities and the challenges of the freedom we take for granted. It mirrors some of the realities currently that are happening in our present world.
Head of Creation / Daniel Fortin / Vice-President Creation
Executive Creative Director / Patricia Tremblay
Creative Direction / Frank Helpin
Art Direction / Danielle Labrie / Émilie Lagacé / Thibault Wehrle
Set Design / Eric Tandi
Lighting Design / Jean Laurin
Graphic Design / Émilie Montrose Lagacé
Styling / Émilie Montrose Lagacé
3D Artist / Filip Hodas

Executive Producer / Yasmine Khalil

Photos / Dominic Gouin / Jocelyn Michel