Find your Mlt (2007)

Conception lumière, Design d’interaction, Installation, Scénographie

Retour (offline)
installation immersive, vidéo et interactive

agence : SidLee
client : Tourisme Montréal

Produced for Tourisme Montreal who were in charge of organizing a promotional campaign for Montreal in the Vanderbilt hall, New York and Boston’s Quincy Market, this interactive immersive display was cleverly arranged inside a cube made of 10 video screens: 4 vertical ones and 6 on the floor.

Their content, encompassing 6 of Montreal’s characteristics and features – architecture, cultural scene, nightlife, outdoor activities, shopping and gastronomy – was activated by the visitors entrance and movements.
The floor, with its giant map, enabled visitors to find their way, depicting the route taken around Montreal and various suggested locations. A sound system using unidirectional dome-like speakers was designed to allow the activation of multiple and simultaneous sound sources in a relatively small space.

  • concept, story telling and art direction
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