Ubisoft : Creators of Emotion (2008)

Art Direction, Art direction, Creative direction, Direction, Director of Photography, Graphic design, Interaction design, Interaction design, Production, Web


Responding to a call from the Ubisoft group, seeking candidates to fulfill their recruitment needs, focuses on the human element of the company rather than technology, to attract the best possible applicants. A system of teleprompter cabins isolated actual Ubisoft employees and recorded the interviews for a total of 40 hours of high definition video footage. Carefully chosen excerpts were then edited together to create full screen montages displaying a wide range of emotions.

The player/creator relationship and their respective emotions are shown in another full-screen video instantly accessible via drag & flip. The music, composed exclusively of the words and sounds emitted during the live interviews, reinforces the personal dimension of the experience. Everything was conceived and designed so the visitor would end up clicking the “apply” button.

  • concept, direction and creative direction
  • co-direction
  • direction of photo and color
  • concept, design et art direction
  • director of photo
    André Perron Varial yako
  • creative coding
    Ghassan Fayad
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