Emilie (2013)

Art Direction, Interactive Fiction, Transmedia, Web

producer : Attraction Images
broadcaster : Radio Canada

Numix : Originale Interactive Category / variété et fiction
Gemini : Best Original Interactive Serie
FTE2013 : Reflet d’Or Transmédia
Boomerang : Grand Prix Site de fiction, variété
Boomerang : Prix Site expérientiel
Prix Italia : Finaliste New Content for the Multi-Screen Television
Banff : Nomination
Digi Awards : Nomination

Emilie is a transmedia romantic comedy.

It is an atomized story that is deployed on multiple platforms.
The basis of the project is simple. The team aimed at using all possible broadcasting and communication tools accessible today to tell a story differently. The result is a fiction that is both experienced and lived by audiences as never before.

With interactive videos in which fictional characters literally call you, the viewer, on your cell phone, as well as a series of voice mail with original, unique content and unprecedented interactions with the characters: all the platforms propel the Emilie experience to a whole new unprecedented level.

The Emilie project’s goal is to reduce the distance between reality and fiction, submerging the audience in Emilie’s world. Technology is used as means to an end, strongly strengthening the narrative.

  • creative direction and direction
  • interactive designer
    Emilie Grenier Francis Delfour
  • producer
    Antonello Cozzolino
  • line Producer
    Nicolas Fonseca
  • graphic design and art direction
  • tech direction
    Christian Lebel, Akufen
  • programing
    Patrick Paul-Hus Guillaume Tomasi
  • VoIP programing
    Sébastien couture, Ubity
  • motion design
    Frédéric Simard, Ottoblix
  • color grading
    Thierry Sirois, Ottoblix
  • editing
    Mathieu Demers Jericho Jeudy
  • music
    Marc Bell, Troublemakers Louis-Philippe Quesnel
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