the INVISIBLE COMPANY is a creative collective based on transdisciplinary collaboration. We think, create, invent, communicate and produce content for transmedia stories, interactive, collective and on stage experiences, products, devices, technologies and artistic works that delight and surprise.

Our areas of interest include conception, ideation, creative direction, creation of content and beautiful things, design, art direction, visual concept, culture, technology, interactivity, responsiveness, data visualization, installations, performance, interaction design, IP telephony, voice recognition, Text to Voice, Voice to Text, branding, comm, set design, staging, transmedia screenwriting, simulation and 3D environments, gizmos and gadgets, as well as production.

Our ideas are seen on all media : web, film, TV, stage, performance, installations, mobile, gaming, AR, print …

Our projects are pervasive to all industries : narrative content, humour, fashion, art, culture, communication, advertising, brands …

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